Expert Asbestos Management in Rochdale, Specially Designed for Your Building

Asbestos Management in RochdaleAsbestos management in Rochdale is a legal requirement. This means if you are the owner or the manager of a building that has asbestos-containing materials present, you need to have a management plan in place. The first step in this is to have an asbestos survey conducted by a professional team. Once this has been done, and asbestos-containing materials, as well as their location and condition have been identified, an asbestos management plan can be complied to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building. While asbestos itself is not dangerous, it is when the asbestos is aged or damaged that it poses a threat. When it is disturbed, microscopic particles become airborne, increasing the potential of inhaling them. These fibres can become lodged in the lining of the lungs, causing lethal disease.

As the duty-holder in Rochdale, asbestos management can include many tasks. These can include inspections, maintenance, encapsulation, isolation, signage and labelling, as well as repair. If you are uncertain what a management plan entails, please feel free to speak to our expert team.  A legal requirement, an asbestos management plan is designed to explain how the person responsible for the building, the Duty Holder, intends to manage the asbestos present to prevent persons being exposed to the asbestos. The management plan will include aspects such as who is responsible for managing the asbestos, the newly written asbestos register – this details where the asbestos-containing materials are and their condition, as well as the plan for monitoring the condition of the asbestos. Another important part of your management plan includes telling people who might disturb the asbestos about your decisions.

Asbestos management in Rochdale can be done with the assistance of a professional team. We are pleased to offer our services. Our experts can guide you in creating a suitable management plan for your building. When you need assistance with asbestos management, please feel free to contact Fibre Safe. We are experts in all areas concerning asbestos, and with our multi skilled workforce, can assist you with any concern you may have about asbestos. We are dedicated to providing a safe, compliant and high quality service.

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