Comprehensive Asbestos Survey in Deeside for Your Building

Asbestos Survey in DeesideAn asbestos Survey in Deeside is important for clearing a living space for occupation. Asbestos was the wonder mineral of the 20th century. It’s unique properties contributed to its popularity in the manufacturing industry and construction industry. The mineral has unmatched thermal stability that make it a favourable material for construction. Moreover, asbestos is chemically inert and therefore not vulnerable to chemical errosion or damage. This makes it a good addition to concrete when it comes to construction. Asbestos outperforms steel on tensile strength making it a great industrial material. Places where asbestos is used in construction include pipe insulation, vinyl sheet flooring, decorative plaster and sealants.

Despite the extended use of asbestos, its use raised health concerns late into the 20th century and a ban was put on the mineral. In Deeside, an asbestos survey ensures living spaces, work places and industrial premises are free of asbestos. Asbestos is a friable material. Damage or agitation to surfaces can easily leave asbestos fibres suspended in the air. The fibres are odourless and invisible to the naked eyes. When inhaled they settle in the lower respiratory tract where they can cause malignancy. The fear over asbestos followed after a causative relation was established between the mineral and respiratory tract malignancy. Considering numerous construction projects had used asebstos, survey became important to clear spaces for occupation.

Fibre Safe conducts a quality asbestos survey in Deeside. We are fully equipped with the latest tools to detect and dispose asbestos. Our team is well trained to handle all asbestos jobs including clearance of spaces. Due to our expertise, we know where to look and what to look out for. If you need reliable detection and disposal of asbestos we are the team for the job. For over a decade we have provided asbestos solutions. Our services extend from testing and removal to collection and training. The price on our services are affordable and we do not compromise on quality. Contact us today if you need an asbestos survey for your property. Trust our team to handle all your asbestos issues.

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