Professionally Completed Asbestos Survey in Rochdale by an Expert Team

Asbestos Survey in Rochdale When you need a mandatory asbestos survey in Rochdale, be sure to contact the experts. We are an asbestos survey, removal and training specialists. Asbestos, while occurring naturally does not pose a threat to one’s health, it is when it has been added to building materials and has aged and is likely to crumble that it is dangerous. Asbestos was regarded as an excellent additive to building materials, due to its many useful properties. However, it was then discovered that long-term exposure to asbestos is in fact dangerous. When the asbestos, often found in building materials, ages, its microscopic fibres become airborne and raise the risk of an unsuspecting worker or occupant of a building to inhale the fibres. These lodge in the lining of the lungs, causing incurable cancers.

If you are planning on demolishing or renovating your building in Rochdale, an asbestos survey is a must. A legal requirement, it determines the location and condition of any asbestos-containing materials. Once this has been determined, the right plan of action to manage this asbestos can be put in place. We offer 3 types of asbestos surveys, each especially designed for the type of building you own and the extent of the asbestos there may be present. Any building that was constructed before 2000 is likely to contain asbestos in some form. We will locate any presence of asbestos-containing materials, remove a sample for analysis and provide you with our findings. If you are planning on demolishing your building, a more intrusive asbestos survey is required. This will involve aggressive inspection techniques, and will include taking down walls, ripping up floors, removing fixtures and causing damage to the building to find asbestos that may be hidden.

Regardless of the type of asbestos survey in Rochdale that you will need for your building, it is vital to use the services of an experienced and trained company. Our qualified and competent staff who’ll conduct the survey are experts in their field. We use only the latest technology and invest in training to ensure our team is well versed in all aspects of asbestos. If you need an asbestos survey, contact us. We are happy to provide a free quotation with no hidden charges.

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