Asbestos in Soil in Stockport

Asbestos in Soil in StockportYou may think that asbestos in soil in Stockport seems a little unusual. We all hear about asbestos in buildings and the dangers it can cause.  What one does not consider is that where a property has been demolished there may be asbestos fibres in the soil.  When selling or developing such a property, there could be problems with this contaminant.  However, we have the experts who will investigate the soil and find out how much of a problem it is going to be.  It need not be a cause for alarm as the fibre, once in the soil, is not easily moved unless one starts digging and allowing the fibre to become airborne.

When your property needs a clean bill of health in Stockport, asbestos in soil testing could be needed to prove your property is safe from the hazardous fibres. This need not be dramatic as in having to remove all the contaminated soil.  Once found our experts will discuss with you the various options. If the tests show over 0.1% asbestos present we can help you with a project to bury the soil beneath a capping layer or use the soil as deep fill and use clean soil on top of it. This will make the property saleable or allow you to develop it and relatively little cost. We have saved our clients on numerous occasions from having to spend an inappropriate amount to either sell or develop a property.

We offer necessary surveys for asbestos in soil in Stockport. Contact Fibre Safe today for a survey and report on the asbestos in your building. We examine the whole building and find any asbestos that may be present.  We opened our company in 2004 to provide a complete asbestos solution for our clients.  This includes training as well as removal where necessary or encapsulation if the asbestos cannot be removed. Our entire reason for being is to make your home or workplace safe from the dangers of inhalation of asbestos by you or your staff.  We are currently working in partnership with registered social landlords and maintenance companies to help maintain asbestos in social housing around the North West of the UK and the North Wales area.

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