Asbestos Management in Deeside

Asbestos Management in DeesideFibre Safe can keep you compliant with mandatory asbestos management in Deeside if you are a commercial property owner. According to Asbestos (CAR2006) regulations you are legally required to manage any asbestos found on the premises. You can delegate the job to a manager but ultimately, the building owner is responsible. A management plan is required even if you have no asbestos in your building. The process begins by calling a reputable asbestos management company to conduct a survey for asbestos in your building. If there is no asbestos to manage, your survey will show that. If there is asbestos, then your survey will show that as well along with the location and condition of the asbestos. How you are to proceed from there is your management plan. Your survey and plan of action should be on hand.

For businesses in Deeside, asbestos management is mandatory, particularly if you are planning any renovations to the building. We are a leading asbestos solutions enterprise established in 2004. Our focus is protecting people from the dangers presented by asbestos fibres. To that end, we have a qualified workforce that is multi-skilled and highly experienced in all sectors. We follow strict health and safety standards as well as client confidentiality. From the outset, our company has and continues to invest in the finest technology as it becomes available. Ongoing training is undertaken by our staff.

Our advice for asbestos management in Deeside serves commercial, local schools and authorities and domestic clients. Included in that is social landlords and maintenance companies. Whatever solution is right for your building, we are prepared to see it managed appropriately and legally. Contact Fibre Safe and let us prepare an initial survey of your building. Maybe it needs nothing; maybe the asbestos is there but not a threat so just needs watching and maybe it needs removal. We will advise regardless of which solution is best. If management is the solution, our survey will indicate the location, condition and management steps necessary for whoever will serve as the responsible manager.

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