Asbestos Disposal in Wirral

Asbestos Disposal in WirralThere is frequent discussion about asbestos surveys and removals but asbestos disposal in Wirral is a serious topic. Hazardous Waste Regulations are in place and must be followed to protect the health and safety of our environment and those of us who live and breathe air. We are a full service asbestos company at Fibre Safe. Our teams are made up of highly trained and experienced technicians that specialise in all types of asbestos. We conduct premise surveys, prepare management reports, remove unsafe asbestos, conduct safety training seminars, conduct risk assessments and respond to emergency call outs. Fibre Safe also carries out the final disposal of asbestos. Our services are available to commercial, domestic, industrial and government entities.

Where does removed asbestos go and how do we know it’s disposed of safely? In Wirral, asbestos disposal can only be carried out by a licensed hazardous waste carrier. Only highly trained technicians should remove dangerous asbestos from the premises. Large construction, demolition and maintenance companies may have such people on their staff. We train people for safe asbestos removal at our facility. Most such companies do not have the hazmat license. Among our services at Fibre Safe is the safe collection and disposal of asbestos for others. We can come on site, gather the removed material and safely transport it for disposal.  For large demolition jobs we’ll place sealed asbestos skips on site for your own skilled asbestos removal techs to fill. Fibre Safe will collect the skips and carry out the legal disposal.

Asbestos disposal in Wirral is not deposited in your regular landfill. We have specific licensed landfill sites for use by licensed hazardous waste material handlers. Our Fibre Safe team carries out collection and disposal of asbestos according to government hazardous waste regulations. For transport the asbestos must be double bagged in a U.N. approved bag specifically for that purpose. Illegal transport and disposal by unauthorised persons is a crime. Contact Fibre Safe with all questions and concerns regarding asbestos training, management, surveys, removal and disposal. We are always current with government and environmental guidelines, recommendations and regulations.

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