Asbestos Testing in Huyton

Asbestos Testing in HuytonAsbestos testing in Huyton has become a standard procedure for home buyers. If your dream home was built before 2000, check for asbestos containing materials. This versatile mineral is so inexpensive and the best insulator and fireproof material the world has ever seen. Materials manufacturers used it everywhere from the roof to the concrete foundation and everywhere in between. Roof shingles, siding, wall and attic insulation, plaster for walls, floor tiles, light fixtures, mechanicals, appliances and automobiles. If it would burn or lose heat, it was treated with asbestos. Then one day we noticed many were taken ill with lung disease and the experts traced the cause to the invisible little asbestos fibres. Ridding our environment of the stuff became a priority.

Our company joined the fight in 2004 with a comprehensive solution that includes asbestos removal, containment, surveys, testing, and training others. Now with four locations, we are a team of professionals. In Huyton, asbestos testing is often our first step in commercial and domestic sectors. Our commercial clients count on us to keep them compliant with Control of Asbestos Regulations. When you are not sure if your building contains asbestos but you know it could, call us. We’ll come out and take a sample of suspicious materials. It only takes 3 to 5 days for us to get results of your tested materials. If our test shows asbestos, the next step is area containment until we know if the material is damaged, releasing deadly fibres into the environment.

At Fibre Safe, we will follow up with our asbestos testing in Huyton. Our recommendations will be for the management of asbestos if found in your building. It may be perfectly sealed and safe to leave it as it is with scheduled safety checks. For instance, asbestos embedded in plaster and paint is generally safe if left undisturbed. Asbestos used as insulation in walls, attics and around pipes is subject to damage and may need removal. Contact Fibre Safe for your asbestos testing. We won’t disturb anything; we’ll just take a small sample for testing. Once those results are back, you will know which course of action to take. Schedule the test, especially when considering the purchase of a home.

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