Asbestos Garage Removal in Bury

Asbestos Garage Removal in BuryThe process for asbestos garage removal in Bury can be anything from a straightforward to a very complex process. There are some cases where asbestos is found within very hard to reach areas, which make it hard to disturb or damage the material. In other cases, asbestos is so widespread that the process requires an enclosure around the building. An enclosure stops asbestos fibres from spreading once they are released into the air. It is usually made of polythene, with the seams and joints sealed together using special glue and adhesive tape.

Once the enclosure is erected, it’s time to move on to the next step. In Bury, asbestos garage removal processes that require the erection of an enclosure have to take place in a negative pressure environment. This environment helps reduce the amount of fibres within the enclosure, and prevents any from spilling outside if the polythene sheeting is damaged. Work within the contaminated space is done in disposable clothing, which is immediately discarded after use. Some companies will also use smoke to ensure that the enclosure is fully sealed. Once everything is in order, the removal process begins.

The first step in the process for asbestos garage removal in Bury targets all suspected asbestos materials. These are removed by first sealing them fully in protective rubber, or by using wetting techniques which coagulate the material. The wetting process uses a dust suppressant liquid ensuring the safety of the operative handling the material. Once all the contaminated objects are collected, they are packed in specialised asbestos waste sacks, which can be completely sealed. These bags are then removed from the enclosure. The final steps of the process involve the removal of all residue and deposits within the enclosure, and the cleaning of the work area. For more information on the asbestos removal process, or for assistance with the removal of an asbestos garage, contact Fibre Safe today. We have over 14 years of experience with asbestos-related services, and can help with any problem, no matter how complex.

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