Asbestos Disposal in Southport

Asbestos Disposal in SouthportWhen you see our Fibre Safe trucks out and about are you a little anxious about how asbestos disposal in Southport is carried out? It’s a reasonable concern to wonder where this hazardous material ends up, how we get it there and how we safeguard disposal sites. In 1999, the UK banned the use of asbestos in products sold in the country regardless of where they were manufactured. Until then, about 4000 of our manufactured products, mostly building and household materials, contained asbestos and we imported more. So much asbestos was used during the 35 year period of 1950 – 1985 to construct or refurbish buildings, it’s still impossible today to avoid asbestos containing products. It has been decided that if the asbestos is undisturbed, we are safe to leave it alone for now.

The mid-1980’s saw a rush to remove asbestos from our environment, especially schools and other public buildings. In Southport, asbestos disposal, removal, surveys, safety training and management propelled the founding in 2004 of our company, Fibre Safe. Since that time we have grown into one the largest asbestos management and removal companies in the North West. It has been a steady process of learning, discovery, training and innovation. We are confident in the safety of our asbestos management procedures including removal and disposal safe for our employees, building site occupants, the public and the environment for future generations. Fibre Safe is your total asbestos resource.

Asbestos disposal in Southport, even a small bag from a private home, cannot be deposited into local authority landfill sites. It’s considered commercial and hazardous waste which must be contained in United Nations approved bags for transport and disposal. The Environmental Agency has set up transfer stations to accept double bagged asbestos containing products. The transfer station stows the asbestos into sealed compartments for transport to a locked skip. It is then loaded onto a truck or trailer where it stays locked in a licensed and monitored compound of the Environmental Agency. At an appropriate time, the material will be transported to a designated landfill. Contact Fibre Safe for a building survey to detect asbestos, remove and transport the material, conduct training and management programmes and answer questions you may have.  We will keep you safe and compliant with government regulations.

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