Asbestos Training in Stockport

Asbestos Training in StockportAsbestos training in Stockport supports the adage ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Many people are unaware of the dangers of asbestos, when it is dangerous and what is expected of them. This is why asbestos training is important, especially for those who are likely to encounter asbestos containing materials in their line of work. It is also a legal requirement. We offer two different methods of asbestos training – classroom training and online training. To ensure that you as the property owner or manager fulfil your legal requirements, you can use our training our training services for all your employees.

For your employees in Stockport, asbestos training is offered either at your work premises or at our venue. The class can accommodate up to 15 attendees, ensuring each member of the group will receive the required attention and assistance during the training. Students who attend, complete and are found competent in our training course will receive a certificate. The course is approved by the HSE and also counts towards four hours of CPD (continuous personal development). The certificate will be awarded on the day of the training and students will receive both a paper copy of the certificate as well as an electronic version which will be emailed to them.  We also offer online asbestos training for any of your employees who are unable to attend in person. This can be done using a laptop, desktop PC, tablet or IPad. No computer knowledge is necessary in order to complete the online training.

Asbestos training in Stockport is a requirement of law. As the duty holder, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your employees are provided with the opportunity to attend asbestos awareness training. If you are interested in providing an asbestos awareness training course for your employees, contact Fibre Safe today to make arrangements. Our training team has spent many years developing an asbestos awareness course that meets all UKATA standards. Regardless of where in the UK your place of business is located, we will can assist by providing the training course at your venue. Ensure that you remain on the safe side of the law regarding asbestos, and speak to the professionals in asbestos related issues for a comprehensive training course for your employees.

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