Asbestos Survey in Rochdale

Asbestos Survey in RochdaleIf you own a building that was constructed before 1999 you will need an asbestos survey in Rochdale as there will almost certainly be some asbestos in it. We will check the building for any signs of asbestos and make notes of what asbestos has been used and what condition it is in. If the material is still in good condition it can be left in situ and checked every once in a while. If the material is damaged or coming apart it will need to be removed or if that is not possible then it needs to be encapsulated.

As a property owner it is your legal obligation to make sure it is safe. In Rochdale, asbestos survey and management plan is essential. If the asbestos can be removed safely our team of experts will prepare for the removal of the material. They are clothed in special safety clothes and may have to wear respirators. This is to stop any asbestos fibres from entering their lungs. When asbestos fibres get into the air they are very fine and can easily be breathed into the lungs. They are sharp and indestructible and once in the lungs can cause immense damage. They can never be removed and may end up causing fatal lung disease.

We conduct asbestos surveys in Rochdale as well as offering training courses. Contact Fibre Safe today and arrange for one of our experts to visit your property. We offer training for staff so that in the event of any damage to an asbestos ceiling or wall they will know what to do. We offer on line training as well as a group training session in our classroom. Training of staff is a legal requirement and our course meets with the requirements of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations. The course is suitable for up to 15 people at a time and a certificate is issued to those candidates who pass and have sufficient knowledge of the subject.  Our training course is fully HSE compliant and counts towards four hours of continuous personal development.

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