Asbestos Management in Deeside

Asbestos Management in DeesideYou might be wondering why asbestos management in Deeside is important. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, and is one of only six of its kind. What sets these minerals apart is their composition. Asbestos is made up of bundles of thin, durable fibres that are resistant to chemicals, fire and heat, and do not conduct electricity. This has made it ideal for industrial applications, and it has been used for this purpose since the late 1800s. However, its production and usage grew exponentially during World War II.

The many applications of asbestos are still around today, which is why in Deeside, asbestos management services are in demand. The most common uses of asbestos were found in the construction industry, where it was used to strengthen cement, and as fireproofing, insulating, roofing and sound dampening material. It was also used in shipbuilding, the automotive industry, ceiling and floor tiles, paints, adhesives, plastic and more. It wasn’t until the 1970s that asbestos was banned for the first time by the CPSC for certain applications, and until 1989, when the EPA banned all new uses of asbestos. These bans, along with public concern has reduced the use of asbestos from 803,000 metric tonnes in 1973 to 360 in 2015.

So why is asbestos management in Deeside important for your health? Due to its structural composition, asbestos can release its tiny fibres into the air if it is disturbed. These fibres can then be breathed in by the people near the asbestos, and the fibres will enter the respiratory system, and ultimately settle in the lungs, where they can remain for a very long time. If this continues, asbestos fibres can build up, cause scarring and inflammation, and ultimately lead to a variety of cancers. To tackle this, Fibre Safe offers asbestos management services ranging from surveys, to removal, testing, collection, and training programmes. Whether you suspect that your office, home or building site is contaminated with asbestos, don’t wait until it’s too late, contact Fibre Safe today. You can’t put a price tag on health.

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