Asbestos Garage Removal in Chester

Asbestos Garage Removal in ChesterThe sight of that old garage out your kitchen window is an eyesore, but until you find a safe way for asbestos garage removal in Chester, it will stay where it is. We are all more aware of the dangers of asbestos than we were just 30 years ago. The good news is we have learned to manage the asbestos left behind in our buildings and safely remove and dispose of it. We know to leave it alone when it’s sealed and remove it when it’s damaged so the microscopic fibres don’t become airborne, causing lung damage. We’ve overcome our fear with education and common sense. Fibre Safe is a leading asbestos company specialising in asbestos surveys, containment, removal, training and education.

Fibre Safe brings many years of asbestos management to our clients. In Chester, asbestos garage removal requires demolition.  The demolition of a garage full of asbestos calls for specialised training to prevent contamination of not only the air but the ground the garage sits on. At Fibre Safe we have the training and safety equipment to demo your old garage and leave a safe and clean building site. We can seal each section of the garage to contain any asbestos present and then take it down one section at a time for disposal. We are certified to dispose of hazardous materials. If there is a concrete foundation it likely contains asbestos but there is no safety risk in leaving the foundation intact if it’s undamaged. The asbestos is contained in the concrete and presents no hazard. Clean it, seal it and build your new garage on it.

We want people to know they don’t have to fear asbestos garage removal in Chester. Contact Fibre Safe and we’ll come out and perform a survey on your garage. If asbestos is present, then we want to assure you that the building can still be safely removed and the property where it sits can be used for anything you choose. We know some asbestos companies use scare tactics to alert customers to the dangers of asbestos contamination. They go in like white knights and remove the scourge and come out looking like heroes. We want to instil confidence in our customers that only comes with education, understanding and experience.

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