Asbestos in Chester

Asbestos in ChesterOwners of buildings built before 2000 may have to deal with asbestos in Chester on some level. Asbestos was the miracle material in the building, manufacturing and industrial world for many years. Any product combined with asbestos was considered better, stronger, safer and fire resistant. The claims were true. Unfortunately, asbestos had a dark side that didn’t show itself for many years. Microscopic asbestos fibres can be and were inhaled into lungs, lying dormant for many years and then triggering debilitating lung disease. Now, the goal is to rid our environment of it. As a building owner you need your property surveyed for asbestos. When you are negotiating the purchase of a property, either a personal home or commercial property, make it contingent on our asbestos survey.  What happens next depends on the survey results.

Fibre Safe specialises in all asbestos-related services. For building owners in Chester, asbestos services from Fibre Safe is comprehensive. We take you through the initial survey; design management strategies and undertake the removal and disposal if need be. Safety is our first priority, and that includes our workforce and those within the environment in which we are working. We abide by all health and safety standards. At Fibre Safe we invest in ongoing training and education for our technicians and the latest technology and tools. From our beginning in 2004 we determined that ours would be a total solutions company.

Our core service to building owners dealing with asbestos in Chester is to bring them compliant with UK Control of Asbestos Regulations. Our services extend to domestic, industrial and commercial clients throughout the North West and North Wales. Contact Fibre Safe and let’s make a plan for asbestos management at your property. Our proposals are free. Fibre Safe maintains a training team that clients utilise to train their employees in asbestos awareness that meets UKATA standards. Our company is at your service and on call 24 hours a day. Schedule your survey today and make sure your family, employees and residents are safe from the deadly threat of asbestos.

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