Asbestos Management in Chester

Asbestos Management in ChesterAsbestos management in Chester might cause you to wonder how one manages material that should be eliminated. The fact is not all asbestos has to be removed. The only time asbestos is dangerous is when the fibres are loose in the air. The particles of asbestos are microscopic; although they are unseen they can be unknowingly breathed into our lungs where they embed into the tissue. Being an occupational carcinogen, asbestos fibres have been found to increase cancer risk in some people. Asbestos has been around forever with fibres being found in pottery shards from prehistoric times. It is a naturally occurring mineral used in unprecedented amounts in the building trades, shipbuilding, manufacturing and more until the mid-1980’s.

Often in Chester, asbestos management means leaving the material undisturbed. For instance, plaster containing asbestos that has been painted over multiple times is not likely a threat even if asbestos was in the paint. It is contained. Where you find loose insulation in walls, crumbling insulation wraps on plumbing pipes or broken shingles, all which may contain asbestos, it needs to be removed. We at Fibre Safe are specialists in the management of asbestos. We conduct surveys of properties categorized as likely to contain asbestos. We note where, what quantity and the condition of any asbestos we find.  In our survey report we will outline a management plan based on the condition of the asbestos. Sometimes that means total removal. We are equipped, trained and experienced to safely carry out the removal and disposal of asbestos.

Fibre Safe has been providing solutions for asbestos management in Chester since 2004 in the North West and North Wales areas. New methods, tools and safety equipment have continued being developed and improved through the years. At Fibre Safe we are heavily invested in the best technicians and equipment. Part of our programme is training building owners and managers to recognize asbestos. Our services are available for homeowners, commercial buildings, industrial sites and government properties. Contact Fibre Safe when you need asbestos advisement to keep your property safe for yourself and others. We believe the more we understand and educate the public about asbestos management, the safer we all will be.

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