Asbestos Awareness in Chester

Asbestos Awareness in ChesterAsbestos awareness in Chester is important, especially for those who are in the construction or building maintenance industry.  Whether you are a home builder, landlord, or run a construction business, being aware of the risks associated with asbestos is essential to keeping you and those you work with safe. Asbestos, which was once thought of as an essential and save-all building material, has been researched and found to be very dangerous. While it provides great insulation for both homes and electrical systems, it can cause poisoning and tremendous health risks as well. That is why it has been banned for use in many developed countries. If you need help with removal or need more knowledge, we at Fibre Safe are ready to help.  At Fibre Safe, we understand the risks associated with asbestos. We believe that knowledge is power, and offer asbestos awareness courses to inform and educate.

As there are a number of companies involved in construction in Chester, asbestos awareness plays a huge role in the safety of the builders, and maintenance workers. Asbestos, left undisturbed, poses little risk. It is when a material containing asbestos, often found in older buildings is disturbed that it becomes a high risk. When disturbed, asbestos fibres are released, and subsequently inhaled by those in close proximity. The fibres cause incurable disease and cancer. We are regarded as the number 1 company in all matters relating to asbestos. First established in 2004, we continue to provide complete asbestos solutions to our clients. In order to ensure asbestos awareness, it is now a legal requirement that all employers make available asbestos training to their staff. We offer comprehensive training courses for employers wishing to provide an opportunity for asbestos awareness.

Asbestos awareness in Chester is not only important. It can save lives. Asbestos poisoning is real and it is deadly. Contact Fibre Safe today to find out more about our asbestos awareness training courses. Preventing exposure to asbestos is a number 1 priority and asbestos awareness training is the first step in the right direction.

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