Asbestos Survey in Chester

Asbestos survey in ChesterAsbestos survey in Chester is the first step to managing Asbestos on your premises. Asbestos is a hazardous substance and requires proper management. It is found throughout many buildings built before the year 2000. Now that the dangers of asbestos are well understand, there are comprehensive guidelines and regulations on how it should be handled. Companies have a legal responsibility to meet these requirements. More importantly they have a moral obligation to make sure that their work environment is a safe one. Successful companies recognise that their people are their most valuable asset. Before they even consider how to reward their staff, their first focus must be to provide a healthy working environment. At FibreSafe we can assist.

At Fibre Safe we can provide a bespoke asbestos management service in Chester, asbestos survey being the first step. We have been providing this service throughout the region for many years and have built an excellent reputation. A survey will identify all the places where asbestos is found in your building. It will also identify the state in which the asbestos is. This information has a great impact on the management plan. If the asbestos is in good condition and is undamaged all that may be required is monitoring. Asbestos that is damaged or needs to be moved, for example in a renovation, needs another approach. When asbestos is disturbed it releases fine fibres into the air. These can be inhaled and swallowed and can become lodged in the soft tissue of the lungs or the stomach. This can cause fatal diseases such as asbestosis or cancer.

Contact Fibre Safe today to discuss asbestos survey, in Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Wirral or Wales. We have been operating in the region for many years and provide asbestos management and related services. We can a tailor our service to meet your requirements. This could take the form of managing the entire process for you, or we could work with your team and provide input when and where required. If you already have an asbestos management plan, take advantage of our free assessment. We will review your plan and advise if you do indeed meet your legal obligations.

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