Asbestos Removal in Chester

Asbestos Removal in ChesterYou would need to know about asbestos removal in Chester if this hazardous material is present on your premises. Contact the specialists – Fibre Safe is a one stop solution provider for all your asbestos related issues. Asbestos was a popular and extensively used building material in the early twentieth century. This was before its role in causing cancer and other respiratory problems was recognised. It was only as recently as after 1999 that the truly hazardous nature of asbestos was understood. Today we know that prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres and dust leads to different types of respiratory problems and forms of cancer like mesothelioma. That’s why buildings that were built between 1939-99 may have the presence of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials in them.

Asbestos or asbestos containing materials are found in roofs, insulation boards, cavity walls, false ceilings, walls, flooring, gutters, pipes, fire-proof paints, tanks, and cisterns. In Chester, asbestos removal needs to be discussed with a genuine, qualified, licensed, insured and trained company which employs certified technicians and professionals. They also need to guarantee safety of those in the vicinity, including neighbouring properties. Safe transportation and disposal of asbestos is also important. There are very strict regulations and guidelines regarding these. Our company believes that investing in training and technology has helped us gain the reputation of being a socially committed and responsible organisation.

While checking on asbestos removal in Chester, it’s good to have some information about the type, quantity, location and condition of the asbestos on your premises. This can be done by carrying out a comprehensive asbestos survey. If you would like to know more about asbestos removal cost, contact Fibre Safe. Following this, you can decide when and how to remove the material. We offer end to end solutions and guide you to make the right decision regarding health, safety and compliance with regulations. Costs are based on your requirements. Some customers prefer encapsulation (covering with adhesive) to removal, while others want complete removal. Costs are calculated per square meter. You may also need reboarding, refinishing and redecorating once the materials are removed. Small amounts may be removed free of cost by local councils.

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