Asbestos Management in Chester

Asbestos Management in ChesterAsbestos management in Chester needs the help of a highly trained crew. If the asbestos has worn and is allowing fibres into the air our team of experts will need to don hazard gear which includes disposable cover alls and respirator gear. Asbestos was used extensively in buildings both domestic and commercial until it was eventually stopped in 1999. The heaviest usage was between the 1950’s through to the 1980’s. Any building constructed during this time would almost definitely have some asbestos in it. Most homes built before then will possibly also have some asbestos in them. Asbestos was used as insulation in all sorts of different places. Boilers and pipes were lagged in asbestos to keep the heat in and some homes had asbestos between the roof and the ceiling to insulate the house.

When you locate hazardous material in your property in Chester, asbestos management must be planned by a certified expert. Management may include the removal of asbestos from your building. Asbestos is gradually being removed from homes and factories around the country. Once removed it has to be safely disposed of. There are a few sites that are licensed to handle asbestos and we use then to safely dispose of any asbestos we remove from a site. It needs careful handling going to the disposal site and must be specially wrapped. Care must be taken during transportation that there is no puncturing of the protective bags.

Asbestos management in Chester is a serious issue. Contact Fibre Safe today and we will send in a team to identify and locate any asbestos containing materials on your property. We will then plan to carefully and responsibly remove any asbestos that is present and is found to be a danger.  We have over 13 years of experience in safe handling and disposal of asbestos as well as removal and stripping of asbestos. We carry out surveys where a building needs to be refurbished or demolished to ascertain the asbestos content in the building. This is necessary by law to safeguard the contractors and where necessary we will send in a cleanup crew to remove the asbestos. This is a highly hazardous material under certain conditions and needs to be handled with extreme caution.

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