Asbestos Survey in Ellesmere Port

Asbestos Survey in Ellesmere PortAn asbestos survey in Ellesmere Port will need to be conducted by a professional firm before any demolition or refurbishment of a building can take place. The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) current legislation insists arrangements must be in place to deal with asbestos during construction work, including refurbishment and demolition. Domestic premises where 3rd parties such as contractors or surveyors are working are also included in the list. The moment a person or company is employed to work on your house, it becomes a place of work and all the legislation will apply as per the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

Before the refurbishment of your old house in Ellesmere Port, an asbestos survey needs to be completed by suitably trained, qualified and competent contractors. We can assist with all asbestos related work as our team has excellent knowledge of the specific tasks to be undertaken. First established in 2004, we provide complete asbestos solutions and we are known as one of the leading asbestos companies in the North West and North Wales areas. Our surveys involve identifying asbestos containing materials within your house. We can also assist with the preparation of comprehensive plans and policies to help maintain these materials.

An asbestos survey in Ellesmere Port is expertly and professionally completed by our team. They have the technical capabilities and the experience to carry out this task for all types and sizes of buildings. We have successfully completed surveys on a range of different sized building including small home to large factories. Contact Fibre Safe today for more information about an asbestos survey that is in accordance with the recommended guidance HSG26. When the survey is completed with all the sample analysed, we will proved a report to point out where the asbestos containing materials are located. We provide complete asbestos solutions, including the removal of asbestos from your property.

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