Asbestos Training in Bury

Asbestos training in BuryAsbestos training in Bury is a legal obligation for any business manager or owner. You are obliged to have your staff informed and protected from asbestos. The training courses offered by Fibre Safe can be given at your own premises or should you prefer, at our training premises. You need by law to instruct any one of your staff that may come into contact with asbestos. This will normally be your maintenance staff who may have to deal with asbestos or asbestos fibres. If you are a maintenance worker, tradesman or in the building industry the certificate is a legal requirement. The training is essential for you and your staff. You can arrange a one on one training session if it is more convenient for you. Although it is more expensive, it does allow far more thorough training.

In Bury, asbestos training is only one of the services offered. Demolition surveys are a mandatory requirement and will mean partial destruction of suspect parts to obtain samples for testing. A full report will be issued to inform the builders of all the locations where asbestos has been found. The next step is the safe removal of all the asbestos. This can be safely done by professionals who have the necessary equipment and safety gear. The asbestos is carefully contained to prevent the fibres contaminating other areas. It is then taken to an official disposal site to be safely contained.

Asbestos training in Bury will help your staff identify any areas which may be contaminated. This allows you to call in the professionals to remove or contain the problem. To be absolutely certain you may need a clean air test to make sure that the asbestos has been eliminated not only from the building but also the air. If you are buying a home it may be a good idea to have an asbestos survey. This will establish if there is any asbestos in the home and if there is you can ask for it be removed before buying the house. To find out more about asbestos training, contact Fibre Safe.

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