Asbestos Disposal in Wrexham

asbestos disposal in WrexhamYou probably already know that asbestos disposal in Wrexham and elsewhere in the UK, is regulated. You should also know that the company to call when you need asbestos removal and disposal is Fibre Safe. As members of the Construction Health and Safety Scheme, Fibre Safe abides by and promotes best practices in the removal of asbestos. Our company holds membership in the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association and we are registered with the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Safety Group. We are licensed under Environment Agency Guidelines to operate at licensed waste transfer stations. Since our inception in 2004, Fibre Safe has become a leader in all asbestos solutions, domestic and commercial. Everything about our company projects professionalism, on-going training and experience in the safe disposal of asbestos.

In Wrexham, asbestos disposal by Fibre Safe will more than meet your expectations. Our team is equipped with the latest training, tools and technology. That is how we can meet the highest standards in customer satisfaction. We are all about safety for our clients and our technicians. Fibre Safe employs a Safety, Health and Environmental Advisor. Diligent as we are, on some occasions we seek the advice of health and safety advisors outside our business for additional advice. Fibre Safe has worked in all environments, commercial and domestic, to carry out asbestos removal and disposal. Included in those environments are schools, offices, factories and private homes.

As a commercial or domestic client your first expectation for asbestos disposal in Wrexham is safety for the people in your environment. That is Fibre Safe’s primary objective as well. After that, we want to ensure that we disrupt your operations as little as possible and for as short a time as is safe. However, when we are finished your building will have a clean bill of health. Those who work or live within are safe from the unseen but deadly asbestos fibres. We know that once those fibres are inhaled into our lungs, they stay there forever. As a company, Fibre Safe takes a comprehensive approach to asbestos management. We offer asbestos surveys, risk assessments, removal, disposal, training and more. For safe asbestos disposal, contact Fibre Safe.

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