Asbestos in Soil in Flintshire

Asbestos in Soil in Flintshire?New legislation requires that you conduct testing for asbestos in soil in Flintshire if you’re planning to construct a new commercial building. This testing must be done prior to starting construction. The testing must be carried out by a licensed company who specialises in these services. Failure to do so can incur severe penalties. Where can you find a company that conducts asbestos soil testing?

In Flintshire, asbestos in soil is best done by Fibresafe.  This is a key service and its aim is to identify loose fibres and asbestos materials within the environment. Over time, the term “asbestos” has amassed a negative connotation. It seems to send waves of concern through the construction team. However, you need to be aware that when asbestos is present in the soil, it is less of a risk to human health than when it is present in building materials. Fibre Safe’s first step would be to understand and evaluate the risk and extent of the issue. The site investigation procedure will be determined according to context and may involve using a machine, boreholes or excavated trial pits. The correct form of testing is equally important. Once the presence of asbestos is identified, the quantity needs to be determined as well as the soil classification. If asbestos is present in less than 0.1%, the soil is deemed as hazardous. Confirming the presence of asbestos may be shocking, however as long as the risk is managed and the remediation measures are presented clearly, it should not discourage investors and potential buyers.

Legislation requires that you opt for testing of asbestos in soil in Flintshire if you are planning on constructing a new commercial building. Fibresafe is a reputable company that provides such services. At Fibresafe, all testing is carried out according to UKAS Standards and in compliance with the latest CIRIA C733 rules by industry professionals. If you require testing of asbestos of soil, contact Fibresafe.

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