Asbestos Testing in West Kirby

Asbestos Testing in West KirbyFirst consider asbestos testing in West Kirby before you purchase an older home or office building. Many homeowners are finding out after they sign buying agreements that their new home has an asbestos problem. If your building survey gives any hint of an asbestos problem, it is a good idea to have a full asbestos survey done before making the purchase. If it shows that the property does have asbestos present, you should find out the cost of getting it removed and negotiate with the seller. It is amazing how many people buy a home or a commercial building without doing surveys. Years later, as their health deteriorates, they find out they have been exposed to asbestos over a long period of time.

In West Kirby, asbestos testing and surveys are conducted by Fibre Safe. They were established in 2004 and have been the one of the leading asbestos companies in the Northwest and North Wales area. They specialise in all aspects of commercial and domestic asbestos services. They will take samples of products they feel are likely to contain asbestos fibres, and test for its presence. If there is asbestos, they will provide photos and floor plans showing the location. They will also provide you with a complete risk assessment including advice on how to best get rid of the problem. Fibre Safe has a well-trained team of experts who can safely handle inspections and removal with minimal disturbance to the occupants. They are known for providing professional service and high quality customer satisfaction.

Asbestos testing in West Kirby can be scheduled by calling Fibre Safe and setting a time to have them come out to your home or business. They are experts in the industry, so don’t try to deal with the problem by yourself, hire Fibre Safe. If you are concerned about the presence of asbestos and would like asbestos testing done, contact Fibre Safe,

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