Asbestos Removal in Birkenhead

asbestos removal in BirkenheadDo you need more information on asbestos removal in Birkenhead? Asbestos is a hazardous material that is a composite of different silicate products. It occurs naturally in the earth and asbestos mining has a 4000 year old history though industrial scale asbestos mining began mainly in the 19th century. Asbestos was prized for its sound absorption, insulation, tensile strength, resistance to fire, heat, electricity and chemicals. It could be woven into other materials like cement and could be molded into mats or sheets. However, its carcinogenic qualities became apparent only in the 20th century when it was found to be the root cause of certain types of lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis and trade and manufacture of asbestos products was banned in many countries. In the United States, asbestos litigation became one of the most expensive tort claims to be filed in history.

In Birkenhead, asbestos removal has to be done safely, efficiently and correctly to ensure the safety of the building owners and the technicians or workers who undertake the job. Asbestos is found in almost any commercial and residential properties which were constructed or refurbished more than ten years ago. It occurs in sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls, water-tanks, insulation, partition walls and panels, floor tiles, textiles like fire-blankets, roofs, soffits, flues and insulation boards. In residences, apart from these, asbestos was used in toilet seats and tanks, fuse boxes, airing cupboards, fireplaces, interior walls and partitions, pipes and roofing felt.

Make a list of essential aspects that a company providing asbestos removal in Birkenhead should offer. They should have the requisite licenses and certifications, since this is a hazardous material. They should be well trained so that they remove the material safely without contaminating other sources. Apart from commercial and residential properties, they should be able to provide services for surveying and removal for sheltered accommodation as well. Get details of their insurance coverage, references and a detailed removal plan. Always choose a full-service provider that can undertake every step of the process from sample-testing, using sealed workspaces, worker safety, proper removal techniques to final disposal. If you need a company for asbestos removal, contact Fibresafe.

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