Asbestos Awareness Training in North Wales

Asbestos Awareness Training in North Wales Asbestos Awareness Training in North Wales is a legal requirement if you work in the construction and maintenance trades. The trades include plumbers, carpenters, electricians, scaffolders and general allied trades. The purpose of the course is to educate workers about locations where asbestos is found and the different types of asbestos. There is a legal duty on employers to inform, train and provide accredited instruction to the people who work for you. They are required to make a serious effort to protect their workers from asbestos exposure. The course is a mandatory requirement for anyone liable to be exposed to asbestos fibres at work.

In North Wales, Asbestos awareness training must be taken through an accredited and registered training program. Fibre Safe is a company set up in 2004 to provide complete asbestos solutions and is one of the top asbestos companies, specialising in all areas of commercial and domestic services, in the region. They are currently an asbestos awareness training UKATA accreditation registered training company. Find out about attending a course session.  The training course handles around 15 people and can be taken at your own premises or at our facilities. The employees required to take the course include all who might come in contact with asbestos at work, including maintenance workers. The certificate earned can be issued on the day training is completed and courses are passed with a sufficient knowledge of the subject. The person completing the course will receive a copy of their certificate online as well as a paper copy.

Asbestos awareness training in North Wales can be arranged to be completed with a one on one training in your own home. Fibre Safe will send one of the specialist trainers to your premises or home to provide you with course training material. This method of completing the course is a bit more expensive than a group session. You will get special assistance to make sure you understand the course material. For more information about asbestos awareness training, contact Fibre Safe.

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