Who to Call for an Asbestos Survey in Winsford?

Who to Call for an Asbestos Survey in Winsford?You may have to call for an asbestos survey in Winsford if you own a piece of property that was built prior to 1999 and want to tear it down. Before 1976, it wasn’t required for products with asbestos to be clearly labeled. Asbestos is a building material that was commonly used in construction projects with both internal and external applications. It is a sturdy and versatile material. Over time however, when asbestos fibres become loose or just by carrying out a do-it-yourself project, you can release asbestos fibres into the atmosphere. These can be accidentally breathed in. Asbestos has been linked to many respiratory disorders, including mesothelioma. To avoid this, you must contact an asbestos specialist for a survey.

In Winsford, a call for an asbestos survey can be made to Fibresafe. Only a professional can accurately identify whether asbestos was used in the construction of your building. After placing a call to them, they will send a team of asbestos specialists to your location to obtain a sample and conduct a general inspection. Typically, there are two types of surveys that Fibresafe conducts: a management survey and a refurbishment and demolition survey (R&D). Management surveys are standard. The purpose to find the location, extent and presence of asbestos-containing areas within the building. These can be damaged or disrupted during the course of normal occupancy, installation and maintenance. An R&D survey is a legal requirement before conducting any kind of demolition or refurbishment work. It is applied to find and describe whether asbestos-containing materials or ACMs are present in the area where refurbishment work will occur. Whichever survey you might require, if your building was constructed prior to 1999 then it is your legal responsibility to obtain an asbestos survey.

If you are thinking of refurbishing or demolishing an older building, you must call for an asbestos survey in Winsford. Fibresafe’s professional team will conduct the survey in an efficient and thorough manner. If you need to make a call for an asbestos survey, contact Fibresafe.

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