Does Your Building Require Asbestos Testing in Widnes?

Does Your Building Require Asbestos Testing in Widnes?New legislation requires that soil undergoes asbestos testing in Widnes, particularly if you have a new building project in mind. Asbestos is a natural substance that exists in nature. It was a popular addition in construction projects because adding it to cement and concrete mixtures increases the strength of these building materials. Asbestos is also great for insulation and fire proofing. The use of asbestos remained popular up into the 80s, until its health implications were discovered! Unfortunately, through trial and error it was learned that over time asbestos breaks down into fine fibres. When these fibres are inhaled it mixes up with oxygen and travels throughout the atmosphere. Unlike dust, asbestos is naked to the human eye. Inhaling it can cause significant and permanent health issues, even leading to death. When asbestos fibres accumulate in the lungs, they cause lesions, which result in tissue scarring and a serious condition called mesothelioma.

In Widnes, asbestos testing performed professionally and responsibly is done by Fibresafe. According to new legislation, asbestos testing of the soil is a new legal requirement, especially if the work will be carried out on an older building. Why choose Fibresafe? They are the leading asbestos experts in the business! The company has over a decade’s worth of experience, not to mention training in dealing with both commercial and residential asbestos management and removal services.

If you think you require asbestos testing in Widnes, please give Fibresafe a call today. If you think asbestos might be in your building, it is wise to give the experts at Fibresafe a call. They will send out a team member to conduct a detailed inspection of the site. This includes looking at the tiles, walls, pipe work, insulation and even the flooring materials. Even if nothing is obvious, the staff person will take back a sample to the laboratory to provide you with a conclusive answer. All asbestos testing is conducted at a UKAS approved laboratory. If the tests indicate a presence of asbestos, you will be advised on how to deal with the matter. For more information on asbestos testing, contact Fibresafe.

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