Asbestos Survey in Wrexham

Asbestos Survey in WrexhamIf you require an asbestos survey in Wrexham, we at Fibresafe are asbestos specialists that can provide you with a comprehensive asbestos solution as we are one of the leading companies that specialise in all aspects of domestic and commercial asbestos services. Our company has many years experience working in various sectors from homeowners to local authorities to national contractors. To ensure our teams have the latest tool and technical abilities, we continuously invest in the latest technology and training. Our approach is positive and our standards high. To ensure our schools, children, support workers and staff are protected from the hidden killer asbestos, our company launched a safe school program in 2013.

In Wrexham, an asbestos survey is carried out by an experienced team that work regularly with health and safety consultants, demolition firms and architects to provide reports that are easy to read for both demolition and refurbishment projects across the UK. Our environmental responsibilities are promoted when removing asbestos hazards in built up areas. We are experienced in all sectors and experts in our field and adhere to strict working practices. Our multi skilled workforce and competent qualified staff work closely with our clients at all levels. Our focus is ensuring our clients receive a complete, safe, high quality service and our primary objectives are their protection. Asbestos is extremely dangerous as it is know to cause asbestosis which is a restrictive lung disease that is fatal.

If you require an asbestos survey in Wrexham, we will provide you with a free quotation with no hidden charges. Exposure to asbestos is critical and can cause mesothelioma which is a cancer that affects the lungs and the lining of the lungs. Smokers in particular that are exposed to asbestos are at far greater risk of contracting asbestos related diseases. Asbestos related diseases are primarily causes due to the inhalation of asbestos fibres. These fibres are minute and sharp of which are around 600 times thinner than a strand of hair. They become embedded in the lungs, stomach lining and throat if they are not expelled through mucus secretions or coughing and can result in critical medical problems. Contact Fibresafe for more information about an asbestos survey.

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