Does Your Housing Association Need an Asbestos Survey in Warrington

Housing Association Asbestos Survey in WarringtonAre you part of a housing management team or association and require a housing association asbestos survey Warrington to make sure that it is compliant with their duty management and so on? It is important that your property and the one that you are managing complies with the rules and regulations set by the government. Part of Fibre Safe’s services is that they provide asbestos surveys for housing associations. In fact, they have been working with local authorities and registered social landlords to help maintain the quality of their housing stock. Having asbestos present in a building can be dangerous to the inhabitants.

Recently a landlord in Warrington called and asked for a housing association asbestos survey. He also inquired about the duties of the team when and if they are hired. The staff members informed him that the team has been working with specialists in maintaining the housing stock and they have also been providing them with specialist surveying lists that could be helpful in identifying asbestos and materials which may contain these harmful substances. They can also help in the preparation of plans and policies so that they are legally acceptable. Should the landlord require annual surveys and checks which is required by the law, Fibre Safe can routinely check for asbestos. The team would also provide easy readable reports without too much technical lingo. The company specialises in providing solutions to asbestos ensuring that inhabitants or workers in any property are safe from it.

If you require a housing association asbestos survey in Warrington, do not hesitate to contact the local company, Fibre Safe. The company has been working with various clients including architects, contractors, local authorities and demolition firms to produce reports for refurbishments and demolition projects. The company invests a lot in advanced technology and the training of its workers to make sure that the inhabitants and workers are safe in the environment they are living and breathing in. Do not hesitate to call Fibre Safe if you want to request a quote.

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