Why You Need Regular Asbestos Roof Inspections In Wirral

Asbestos Roof Inspections In WirralRegular asbestos roof inspections in Wirral homes and businesses are a major part of today’s building and health regulations. Asbestos is a hazard that has been a large part of the construction industry in the UK, especially in homes and buildings that were built over a decade or so ago. Asbestos is a natural mineral that was found to be extremely strong when packed tightly together in fibres. This made it perfect for use in insulation and fire-proof materials together with many other items in the construction industry. Now it is common knowledge that asbestos can cause significant health problems if inhaled. The problem arises when the fibres become loose and start to break apart. The small asbestos fibres or hairs can then become mixed with oxygen and move around an area. In many cases, it is not even possible to see these fibres so people who inhale them are totally unaware of doing so. It is only when they develop related health problems that it becomes apparent. The fibres can actually cut the inside of the lungs and lead to scarring of the tissue. This is more commonly referred to as mesothelioma.

In Wirral, asbestos roof inspections are a vital safety aspect that should be undertaken when any work is being carried out on an older building. Before removing any part of the building, a specialist company needs to visit the site and perform an asbestos test using professional testing and breathing equipment. Typically, asbestos was used for around seventy years in the construction industry. For any buildings or renovations carried out between 1920 and 1990, the chance of finding asbestos in some parts of the structure is particularly high. Recent legislation also requires new building projects to have the soil in the surrounding area tested for asbestos.

Highly necessary asbestos roof inspections in Wirral identify places where your roof fixtures might be contributing to the asbestos content in and around your home. From the pipe lagging to the soffits and fascias, anything and everything can be an asbestos-source in your home. By bringing in experts like Fibre Safe, you ensure that not only do you accurately identify the threat and extent of asbestos in your environment but you also identify the source and know how to remove it. The same applies to your place of business – you need to get an expert to inspect your roof for signs of asbestos danger.  Contact Fibre Safe today for more information

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