Asbestos Survey in Birkenhead

Asbestos survey in BirkenheadA client recently contacted us, to arrange an asbestos survey in Birkenhead. Their business had a large factory, and they were aware that current health and safety legislation requires an in depth asbestos management survey to be carried out, and then acted upon. That’s why they called in the experts. Fibresafe have been providing comprehensive asbestos services for both domestic and commercial clients for over ten years. All of our operatives are fully trained and licensed, and highly experienced, and we carry out our asbestos surveys with as little intrusion as possible.

There are many reasons why it’s essential to have a Birkenhead asbestos survey, whether you’re moving to new premises, or about to refurbish or upgrade them. Asbestos could be lurking in many different areas and substrates across your premises, from the roofing and flooring, to concrete and piping. If these surfaces become damaged, and the asbestos is released, the consequences for your business can be catastrophic. It’s also vital that you comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. This involves having an asbestos survey, and then having an asbestos plan in place. Failure to do this can leave you open to heavy fines from the health and safety executive, so don’t take that risk. The simple fact is that our management surveys can keep your environment safe and healthy, and save you money.

The recent asbestos survey in Birkenhead did reveal contaminated asbestos, and this will ultimately be removed in accordance with their new asbestos plan. That’s just one of the possible outcomes if asbestos is found as the result of the survey. Other alternatives include carefully controlled asbestos management, asbestos encapsulation, or the use of warning labels. As part of an asbestos survey, we’ll go through these options with you, and find the one which is best for you. Every factory, warehouse, or building is different, so the asbestos survey and results will be different too. To find out how little it can cost, or to arrange a contaminated asbestos survey on your premises, give us a call today.

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