Asbestos in Soil in Liverpool

Asbestos in Soil in LiverpoolAsbestos in soil in Liverpool sounds frightening, but is actually manageable. In situations of new construction, soil testing is now required. There have been more than a few misconceptions about asbestos and a little clarity is in order. First, asbestos is not an old-time man-made product, now known to be carcinogenic. Rather, it is a naturally occurring combination of silicate minerals, rarely seen in its pure form. It was used prior to 2000 in building materials and household items such as artificial snow products, ironing board covers and oven mitts, hair dryers and even crayons. We now know that when it releases fibres, it is a danger to our health. These fibres can become trapped in the lungs and chest, leading to various cancers.

In Liverpool, asbestos in soil that tests below a minimum safe standard is ruled acceptable. If it is not in a state of deterioration, but intact below ground, it may be deemed inconsequential to building proposals. This may be difficult for many people to understand, as the very word “asbestos” makes for uneasiness. It is when particles become airbourne, like in factories of years ago, that it is poses a health threat. Fibresafe are experts in the analysis of properties and soils for asbestos content. Upon receipt of lab results, they will advise a course of action. Soil contamination by asbestos does not render a property unmarketable. There is remediation that can be accomplished, particularly with regard to the topsoil layer. Once the stigma of asbestos is addressed and diffused, business can proceed.

Asbestos in soil in Liverpool is an easier problem to deal with than asbestos in a building. In the past, contractors buried materials like asbestos tiles and shingles on site, saving the cost of hauling away the debris from a home remodel. We now know that this is an unsound practice and we at Fibresafe are part of the remediation solution. If you require soil testing, in compliance with new legislation, contact our experts.

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