Safe Asbestos Garage Removal In Wallasey

Asbestos Garage Removal In WallaseyDo you require asbestos garage removal in Wallasey?Most people buying or moving into a new house with an asbestos-roof garage should consider hiring professionals for such a job. Most people tend to ignore the existence of asbestos in their homes and workplaces, and garages with asbestos roofs or walls can be completely ignored. This comes from a lack of understanding of not just what asbestos can do to you but also of how your garage is probably attacking your family using asbestos as its weapon. In a recently concluded project, we were called in to check whether a particular garage was a health-hazard or not. We went in to conduct a survey and found that the walls of the garage in question were in fine condition but the roof was damaged.

We decided to undertake, for this home in Wallasey, asbestos garage removal  that would leave their home free of a major source of asbestos poisoning. Not only was the roof damaged, the inside of the roof wasn’t coated with paint, which is a major reason for the breakdown or degradation of asbestos. The first and biggest problem that is a direct outcome of this is the release of fine, asbestos fibres into the environment, which leads to what we know as asbestosis or scaring of the lung-tissue due to inhaled asbestos fibres. For a fraction of what it would cost to go through the process of treatment for asbestosis or any other severe lung-condition that is caused by exposure to asbestos, we got rid of the problem for that home.

Fibre Safe has been in the business of asbestos garage removal in Wallasey for a long time and is known for its state-of-the-art processes and procedures to ensure safe and secure asbestos surveys and removals from your home or workplace. Of course, simply pulling off the roof wouldn’t have been a nice thing to do as that would render their garage quite useless. So, we put in a new roof using asbestos-free materials that made their home and garage a safer place to live in and around. We also made sure that the homeowners knew that we would ensure safe removal of their asbestos roof or, in other words, we wouldn’t spill things around while pulling the roof off.  Contact Fibre Safe Ltd. today.

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