Asbestos Risk Assessment in North Wales

Asbestos Risk Assessment in North WalesYou can protect yourself from serious health hazards by opting for asbestos risk assessment in North Wales. Asbestos is a silent killer and is responsible for thousands of work-related deaths each year. Exposure to toxic levels of asbestos may lead to a host of diseases that include lung cancer, asbestosis (characterized by coughing and shortness of breath) and mesothelioma (symptoms include chest or back pain accompanied by shortness of breath). You could be exposed to asbestos or materials containing asbestos in your home or at your workplace, especially in old buildings. Asbestos used to be a popular building material at one time for its insulation and fire-resistant properties.

If you live in North Wales, asbestos risk assessment is a good idea as side-effects of asbestos exposure manifest themselves after several years. Smokers who are exposed to asbestos over prolonged periods are at a much higher risk of developing lung cancer. Asbestos risk assessment helps detect and identify sources of asbestos in domestic as well as commercial premises. If you are a commercial property owner or run a business, you are obliged to comply with the norms stipulated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Asbestos management surveys are prepared by experienced and trained professionals. Asbestos is often mixed with other materials and may be ‘hidden’ in the building. Old school buildings and hospitals are also at risk of containing asbestos.

If you are a commercial or domestic landlord, asbestos risk assessment in North Wales is offered by firms like Fibresafe who are happy to prepare clear, detailed and concise reports for you. They also promise their clients complete confidentiality and 24-hour service while offering expert guidance on asbestos safety. Protect loved ones, employees and tenants from the harmful health effects of asbestos by hiring professionals to conduct a risk survey.

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