Asbestos Risk Assessment In Liverpool

april 2The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Reg 4) states that it is encumbent upon the duty holder to undertake asbestos risk assessment. In Liverpool, Fibre Safe which has been in operation since 2004 provides asbestos risk assessment to ensure that the lethal substance are properly taken care of or disposed of should it be necessary.

In Liverpool, our asbestos risk assessment procedure comprises of surveys, identification of asbestos present, and assessing the gravity of the problem. The necessary steps to be taken will be provided once the report has been generated. An asbestos risk assessment has to be carried out to ensure the asbestos is properly sealed and not airborne. In the event that the asbestos is airborne and depending on the level of exposure, it might create lethal health hazards. About 4000 people die annually due to asbestos-related diseases. Asbestos risk assessment is required by the law for commercial places to ensure that occupiers are not exposed to asbestos. To render the workplace and the residential environments safe, Fibre Safe is employed by numerous world famous business owners like Jaguar, Liverpool City Council, Wirral and The Royal bank of Scotland. Our clients have always been satisfied with our efforts to make their commercial buildings health hazard-free.

To provide the best services and create a healthy environment, Fibre Safe uses the latest technology and employs the best trained personnel. Their work complies with the Health and Safety Standards. You can get a free quote for an asbestos risk assessment in Liverpool by contacting them here or you may call them on 0800 458 4136. If you find yourself in an emergency or you require the services of Fibre Safe out of their normal working hours, you may reach them by calling 07740 356 302.

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