Asbestos Disposal North Wales

asbestos 2Many people have so much faith in the “Do-It-Yourself” gospel that they are beginning to think that they don’t need external help, even for specialised services such as asbestos disposal in North Wales. In the household, asbestos can be found in oven gloves, ironing boards, ceiling finishes, floor tiles and many other furniture and building materials. It’s not always possible to know if a material or furniture has asbestos. In fact, trying to figure this out on your own if you don’t have asbestos handling experience can put your life in danger.

In North Wales, asbestos disposal is treated as dangerous. Only companies that have been certified to provide asbestos disposal services can be contacted to help you establish if indeed there is asbestos in your house. Asbestos is a hazardous waste and therefore The Council does not remove it from residential or commercial buildings. Licenced companies that offer asbestos solutions have access to the lawful and regulated disposal sites. Only a professional asbestos handler can help you survey your house to establish whether you are exposed to asbestos, remove and dispose it.

Fibre Safe has been the leading company in Asbestos Disposal in North Wales for ten years. The company is also amongst the leading companies that offers complete asbestos solutions. Their team of highly trained and qualified asbestos handlers use the latest technologies and maintain the highest work standards in every project. Fibre Safe is licensed to handle domestic and commercial asbestos services. To learn more about their services contact them on their toll free number, 0800 458 4136.

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