Safe Asbestos Removal in Chester

asbestosFibre Safe, offering asbestos removal in Chester, recently completed an interesting project at a school in our community and wanted to take a little time to let the public know a little more about asbestos and why it must be removed safely and professionally. One could be forgiven if they aren’t familiar with asbestos and its dangers. Since the voluntary ban on its use in 1970 many assume it’s not an issue any longer. The problem rears its ugly head when you consider all the private and public buildings that were built before the ban came into effect.

Asbestos was once considered a wonder material. It is a great thermal and electric insulator, and is resistant to fire. Unfortunately it has a nasty side. The tiny asbestos fibres can get into the lungs and cause asbestosis, a scaring of the lung tissue that restricts the ability to breath. It has also been known to cause a number of types of lung cancer. For this reason Fibre Safe instituted the Safe School program to help keep our children and school workers safe. Through this program our expert employees offer consulting services, and asbestos management plans to schools in Chester. Asbestos removal can be a hazardous undertaking. Because of this, we invest in the training and technology to keep our team, and our community safe.

Of course working with our schools is not our only business. We employee a well educated and professional staff to handle any request related to asbestos. Whether you are a housewife concerned about old roof tiles, or the manager of a large commercial facility wanting to protect the health of your employees, our staff is here to help you resolve the issue safely. When you look for asbestos services in Chester, Liverpool, Wiral, Manchester, Wales, or anywhere else across the country, Fibre Safe is here to serve your needs. Call us today at 0800 458 4136 to talk to one of our specialists about how we can help you.

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