Asbestos Management in Wirral — You Need the Experts!

asbestos 3Many social housing associations are in need of asbestos management in Wirral. Recently the manager of one such facility contacted us with a few important questions. In talking with local authorities he had been made aware of the possibility of asbestos in the buildings he managed. He didn’t have a lot of information on asbestos and how it might affect his business, so he gave us a call to get some advice from the experts at Fibre Safe. Our caller had a vague idea that asbestos could be a danger to those exposed to it, but had no idea what to do about it.

Its a good think he called. In Wirral, asbestos management in older social housing units is a requirement according to the Asbestos Regulations of 2012. Luckily for our caller, Fibre Safe offers a detailed asbestos management program to help him comply with the regulations. At first our caller was unsure, having only discovered the problem recently. We were eager to put him in touch with past clients of ours like Flintshire County Council, Wrexham County Council, and Liverpool City Council. Our clients were happy to reassure him that the specialists sent out worked confidently, quickly, and safely to resolve the issue at hand.

Our management program starts with a survey of the property. During this review our expert staff identifies any materials containing asbestos. Following the survey clients are given a report that maps out a plan keep the residents of the building and the surrounding community safe from the threats posed by asbestos. We are also pleased to offer annual checks of the property to keep landlords in compliance with all the applicable laws. As a social housing landlord we know that the safety of your tenants is the highest priority, let us help. When you think of asbestos management in Wirral, think of Fibre Safe, your one stop shop for asbestos solutions. Call us at 0800 458 4130 for a free estimate.

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