Older Homes May Require an Asbestos Survey in Wirral

10If you live in a home built prior to 1978, then it is quite possible that you require an asbestos survey in Wirral as many older homes used asbestos, particularly in the plastering and HVACs duct insulation. Although asbestos by itself does not pose a threat to your health, disturbance caused by weather or trying to remove it may release fibers in the air. These fibers may be breathed in and can lead to a variety of health problems, including cancer. Fibre Safe is the leading company when it comes to providing asbestos solutions. They specialize in delivering domestic and commercial asbestos services. Since 2004, they have been working closely with health and safety consultants, demolition firms, and architects to produce reports with concise and clear guidelines for both demolition and refurbishment projects. They also take pride in technology and training, to ensure that their teams is equipped with the latest tools and technical skills to complete the job with the highest level of safety and quality standards.

Recently, Fibre Safe received an emergency call out from an older gentleman, who was looking around Wirral for an asbestos survey. His garage had sustained a small fire, and because of the home’s age, the client was suspicious of the presence of asbestos. He wanted to enquire whether there was a threat of asbestos exposure to him and his family. Crew from Fibre Safe were dispatched right away and immediately provided the gentleman with a survey of his burned garage. The client made further enquiries about how to deal with asbestos-exposed areas, which the crew gladly assisted with.

The team at Fibre Safe take great pride in providing a quality asbestos survey in Wirral. Apart from providing commercial and domestic services, they also participate in social causes such as the Safe School programme. This is an initiative that tries to ensure that children, teachers, and other school workers are not exposed to asbestos. Staff from Fibre Safe visit local schools in England and Wales, to review asbestos management strategies, and to also provide consultancy services. For more information about Fibre Safe’s services, and initiatives, please contact them at 0800-458-4136, or visit their website and complete the ‘Contact’ page.



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