Asbestos Management Ellesmere Port



Asbestos Management Ellesmere PortWe have completed a successful Asbestos Management Ellesmere Port project at Fibre Safe. The job in question was in response to a request from Ellesmere Council to investigate the presence of asbestos in artex ceilings. Having found us prominently on Internet searches they were impressed with our credentials and proceeded to contact us to find out more about the service we offer. Naturally we were pleased with the enquiry and assured them we had the necessary experience to deal with their project in a thoroughly professional manner.

From Ellesmere Port to anywhere in the Wirral area for asbestos management, we can provide a tailored management solution that will tend to your asbestos needs. For domestic properties ‘duty to manage asbestos’ is not normally associated with domestic properties, however; for areas such as communal corridors, foyers, lifts, shafts, staircases and so on, it is the duty of whoever owns these premises-council etc-so it is essential you have initial survey carried out.

For asbestos management Ellesmere Port, Fibre Safe can take care of any legal requirements by surveying the property or area to create a management plan which we help the client implement. This can include a a variety of measures in place that include: asbestos training, routine checks, maintenance of asbestos products and so on. By lending our expertise to your project, you can focus on the important running of your business; safe in the knowledge you have asbestos management procedures up to date and relevant.



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