Test for Asbestos in Soil in Ellesmere Port Before Your New Build

Asbestos in Soil in Ellesmere Port Did you know that asbestos in soil in Ellesmere Port presents a health threat? You’re probably familiar with the practice of removing asbestos from older buildings. We’ve been working for decades to remove that threat. But many older buildings have been demolished and the land rebuilt upon before the asbestos threat became widely publicised. Therefore, asbestos from those demolitions could still be in the soil of your building. If you are planning to build, do you know if, in the past, another building was demolished on the same site?  It’s easy enough to find out. Since 2004, Fibre Safe has been at the forefront of surveying properties for asbestos. We also undertake the safe removal and disposal of this deadly mineral. Our training programmes to educate the general public about the management of asbestos have been utilised by individuals, groups and schools.

When you build or buy a property, it’s common practice to learn everything you can about it. In Ellesmere Port, asbestos in the soil is detected when we test the soil. If you are buying a home you’ll likely have the  well water tested for purity, an inspection of the septic system if you are not on sewer, the mechanicals within the building and the life expectancy of the roof. You might want to add a soil test to that list for the detection of asbestos. Asbestos found in soil is generally not as dangerous as that found inside a building. However, you still do not want top soil containing asbestos above the acceptable levels.

If the asbestos in soil in Ellesmere Port tests less than 0.1% for asbestos, it’s not considered a  hazard. If you are planning to develop vacant land, even if you know the history, contact Fibre Safe and we will conduct a bore test to determine if the asbestos levels are safe. Since asbestos is a mineral that is naturally found in nature, it’s presence is not unusual. Finding it below the subsurface does not present a risk either. What you need to be concerned with is elevated levels in the topsoil. Our surveyors will test the soil and present you with our findings and recommendations.

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