Asbestos Management in Tameside

Asbestos Management in TamesideAsbestos management in Tameside is your legal obligation as the owner of a property. If your property has asbestos-containing materials, and this is likely if it is an older building, you would need an asbestos survey to determine the extent of the asbestos as well as its condition. The majority of buildings erected prior to 1990 have asbestos-containing materials. These were used as asbestos was regarded as a winder building material. True as that is, it was also found that asbestos, when damaged or old, can be lethal if inhaled. The asbestos crumbles and releases tiny fibres into the air which are then subsequently inhaled by unsuspecting persons. Once you have had an asbestos survey on your building, you will be able to better manage any asbestos.

We offer comprehensive asbestos surveys and asbestos management plans. In Tameside, asbestos management is the responsibility of the duty holder. The duty holder is typically the owner of the property, or, in his absence, the manager. We can assist you with this legal requirement by surveying your property and creating an asbestos management plan. Once this is done, we will help you implement the plan. The management plan can include the preparation of an asbestos policy, regular training, routine checks, maintenance of asbestos products or other remedial actions. No matter what the situation, we are happy to provide a bespoke asbestos management package for you. You will have peace of mind knowing that the asbestos on your property will be properly managed, and that you are legally compliant.

To ensure asbestos management in Tameside, use the services of a professional asbestos company. We were first established in 2004 to provide complete asbestos solutions. For assistance with asbestos management, contact Fibre Safe today. We are one of the leading asbestos companies in the North West and the North Wales area. Our team specialises in all aspects of commercial and domestic asbestos-related services. It is imperative to use the services of a professional company when dealing with any asbestos related issues. We will be pleased to assist you with a comprehensive asbestos management plan.

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