Asbestos Training in Wirral

Asbestos Training in WirralThere is a growing need for asbestos training in Wirral because many old buildings are being reconstructed or renovated in the North West. Asbestos was a common material used in buildings constructed between the 1950s and 1980s. It was popular because it had an intricate fibrous structure that provided strength without the extra weight associated with other building materials. It also had attractive insulation properties. However, investigations in the 1970s found that asbestos was carcinogenic and had microfibers that could cause health challenges when inhaled. Prolonged exposure to asbestos was connected to the development of severe respiratory problems and a wide variety of cancers. Asbestos use in the UK was officially banned in 1999.

Following the ban, many building contractors began providing asbestos removal and disposal services. In Wirral, asbestos training became popular after 2000. Not many people had experience in dealing with asbestos safely. It is very easy to agitate asbestos materials and risk exposure if you are not trained to handle it effectively. Our company has been in the asbestos industry for more than 15 years. Our team is made up of well-trained individuals who have extensive hands-on experience in the asbestos industry. As such, you will receive directly applicable training and hands-on demonstration when necessary.

To give you the best instruction in the industry, we developed a comprehensive course for Asbestos training in Wirral. Our course was designed following the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Our training course also meets UKATA standards and can be deployed all over the UK. Our training options are divided into three categories depending on the type of exposure you have to asbestos materials. The three categories are Category A – Asbestos Awareness, Category B- Asbestos Training for Non-Licensed Removal, and Regulation 4: The Duty To Manage. Contact Fibre Safe now for more information on our rates. For your convenience, we can train you directly at your place of work or online if you have limited time during the day. This makes it easier for you to train your staff without extra logistics expenses.

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