Asbestos Management in Birkenhead

Asbestos Management in BirkenheadFor quality asbestos management in Birkenhead, look no further than Fibre Safe. We are experts when it comes to asbestos. From the magic mineral of the 20th century to a dangerous substance, asbestos has a long history. Asbestos has unique physical and chemical properties gave it a wide range of applications. In construction, asbestos is an unparalleled insulator. Its thermal qualities also make it a suitable substance for fireproofing a home. Despite the numerous qualities, asbestos has one undesirable property, it’s a causative agent for numerous malignancies in the respiratory system. Studies have shown that the mineral causes lung cancers and mesotheliomas. This new discovery led to the regulated use of the mineral. Asbestos management ensures all working and living space are asbestos-free.

For properties in Birkenhead, asbestos management ensures the mineral exists in its stable, fixed state. Asbestos fibres are the culprit when it comes to disease causation. The fine fibres are too small to be visualised with the naked eye. Unfortunately, inhalation of the odourless fibres does not cause irritation and goes unnoticed. Asbestos management begins with an asbestos survey where spaces are assessed for free asbestos fibres. Presence of the fibres warrants a safe removal plan. We have all the right tools and expertise to accurately detect and safely facilitate the removal of asbestos. Our assessments are thorough and we ensure living and working spaces are free of asbestos.

Years of experience coupled with state of the art equipment ensure we offer unmatched asbestos management in Birkenhead. Our approach to asbestos removal is safe and professional to protect the lives of our clients and our staff. After the removal process, we safely dispose of the substance and conduct a final assessment to ascertain the success of our work. If you have any reason to suspect asbestos exposure on your premises, contact Fibre Safe before it’s too late. More often than not, asbestos fibres are released when there is structural damage in a building. This can happen during simple maintenance work or when moving into a new space. Regardless, we provide exceptional asbestos management services sure to keep your home or working space safe.

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