Asbestos in Soil in Liverpool

Asbestos in Soil in LiverpoolWe can undertake a survey for asbestos in soil in Liverpool. We can only do that by taking soil samples and testing them. Asbestos fibres are many times thinner than hair so no one can spot asbestos in soil. The only way to know is to carry out a scientific soil test. If you have vacant land to sell or if you are in the market for vacant land to develop, you want the soil tested for asbestos. It’s likely the land has not always been vacant. If the structure was demolished before 2000, the breaking down of building materials would have released asbestos fibres and small particles of asbestos-containing building materials into the soil.

When tests confirm the presence of asbestos in the soil, that still should not be a deal-breaker for either buyer or seller. Most of the time, in Liverpool, asbestos in soil can be managed. How it’s managed depends on the level of contamination and if it’s deep in the soil or if the surface is contaminated. If the contamination is found deeply embedded, you can go ahead and build on the land as long as you don’t disturb those deep layers. If asbestos is closer to the surface, depending on the degree of contamination, you may be able to build on it if you first add topsoil, or bury the contamination deep enough it’s not a threat. Or, you could pour a concrete foundation over the land effectively containing the asbestos.

When the asbestos in soil in Liverpool has contaminated the top layers of soil above the maximum accepted levels, the property can be safely excavated to completely remove the layers of contaminated soil. That soil has to be contained and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. There will be no site management to maintain because the threat is removed. Asbestos gave us quite a scare when we first discovered how dangerous to health it is and how much of the mineral we had surrounded ourselves with. Education and training that we promote have taught us that asbestos can be safely managed. Contact Fibre Safe and schedule your survey and soil testing. That’s the first step. Whatever the results, you can trust us to use the best and safest management solution.

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