Asbestos Training in Tameside

Asbestos Training in TamesideAsbestos training in Tameside is necessary for your employees. Any building that was erected before 1999 will have some asbestos in it. As the person in charge of the staff and the public in a building, you have a responsibility to ensure that all people in the building are safe. This is a legal responsibility and should it not be adhered to you leave yourself open to dire consequences. The asbestos awareness-training course is suitable for groups of up to 15 people and can be undertaken at your own premises or at our training centre. Current regulations require mandatory training for anyone liable to be exposed to asbestos fibres at work. This includes the maintenance staff and any other tradesmen who may come into contact with or may disturb asbestos within the property.

There are many hazardous materials in homes and businesses around the country. In Tameside, asbestos training teaches people how to deal with a potentially hazardous material. The students are taught to recognise the potential danger and what to do if they suspect damage to the item. The certification can be issued on the day of training subject to the student having passed the course and satisfied the lecturer that they have sufficient knowledge about the danger that asbestos can pose. In the building or maintenance industry, it is a legal requirement for staff to have a certificate to ensure compliance.

Our company provides asbestos training in Tameside. Contact Fibre Safe today and book yourself or your staff on one of our training courses. Fibre Safe was set up 13 years ago to provide a complete asbestos solution package for all business and domestic premises. The core services include asbestos removal or encapsulation where it would be dangerous to disturb the asbestos. We conduct asbestos surveys and testing where there is a possibility that asbestos may be airborne. Our waste collection is done using special equipment and sometimes, respiratory gear. Our extensive work within a wide variety of sectors has made us one of the best-known asbestos companies in our area.

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