Asbestos Disposal in Burnley

Asbestos Disposal in BurnleyWe take asbestos disposal in Burnley very seriously and all asbestos removal must be done by experts in the field. There are strict regulations on the handling and disposal of asbestos.  It needs to be removed from a building without creating dust which can travel a fair distance. The workers who remove it have to have special clothing and respiratory equipment to safeguard them from contamination. Once the material has been removed it has to be packaged inside a number of sealed bags to stop any fibres escaping during transport to the disposal yard. If the asbestos is in a very fragile state it is sometimes necessary to encapsulate it before removing it. Our team is highly professional and extremely careful when handling asbestos.

Many older homes have asbestos materials in them. In Burnley, asbestos disposal is a delicate and exacting task. In some cases, the asbestos has become dangerously worn and starts to allow fibres to escape into the air. This can cause dangerous health problems and needs to be dealt with immediately. Our team have the necessary disposable coveralls and respiratory equipment that allows them to handle asbestos. Where ever possible we try to minimise any disturbance to the daily running of the business being cleaned. However, if there is any danger of your staff inhaling asbestos we may require certain areas to be evacuated while we remove the material.

All dealings with asbestos removal in Burnley must be carried out by knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Contact Fibre Safe today and our team will survey your property and take air samples to establish whether you have a problem. We have extensive experience working with asbestos in domestic and commercial situations.  We also carry out asbestos removal for the local authorities. We have started a Safe School programme to ensure that our children are not exposed to the risk of lung disease caused by asbestos fibres. According to current regulations, we survey any buildings undergoing renovation or demolition.  All asbestos has to be noted and identified for the safety of the contractors. There are special packaging rules to follow when moving asbestos to the disposal yard.

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