Asbestos Soil Testing in Birkenhead

Asbestos Soil Testing in BirkenheadFibre Safe conducts asbestos soil testing in Birkenhead for commercial and domestic new builds and after demolition and clean up. You see, we can remove all the asbestos safely from an old building. It’s quite a project and the site has to be sealed because asbestos may be in shingles, paint, plaster, cladding, insulation and so many more parts of an old building. At Fibre Safe we are trained and equipped with the safety equipment to carry out the removal and we’re licensed to dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner. But when all traces of the building are gone, there is still the dirt. If the soil the building stood on is contaminated you don’t want to put a new building there. You don’t want your kids playing in the garden on top of that soil.

So whether you are buying or selling vacant land you should have a soil test for asbestos. So what if, in Birkenhead, asbestos soil testing shows that in fact the soil is contaminated? If you own the land you can’t just walk away from it; land is scarce and valuable. Our plan of action after finding asbestos in the soil is to safely remove the top six inches of soil; seal it up in airtight hazmat containers and bury it deep at an approved landfill. Add six inches of topsoil to the land and test again. Chances are there will be no trace of the asbestos. Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that causes debilitating and sometimes fatal lung disease if released into the air. Keep in mind that asbestos that is contained presents no danger.

Asbestos soil testing in Birkenhead must be undertaken because microscopic fibres can be breathed in and lodge in the lung tissue for decades before manifesting itself. However, it’s important for the general public to understand that asbestos can be safely managed. Contaminated areas of loose asbestos can be cleaned up and the area made perfectly safe for human habitation. Contact Fibre Safe for whatever reason you need soil testing. We can do a soil test and hopefully put your mind at ease. There is no reason to panic about asbestos. It can and is being managed.

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