Asbestos Awareness in Burnley

Asbestos Awareness in BurnleyFibre Safe promotes asbestos awareness in Burnley through many channels. We conduct surveys to detect the presence of asbestos in homes, public housing, for refurbishment and demolition contractors. When asbestos is found we advise the course of action to manage it through a management survey which may specify you do nothing, keep a close watch for deterioration or remove it. The message throughout is to maintain an awareness of asbestos and the health risks it presents. We all perform risk assessments and clean air tests so clients are aware if a risk exists. In addition, we conduct training classes for building owners, managers and others who need to understand and manage the safety of their building.

We started Fibre Safe to make available asbestos solutions to commercial and domestic clients. That was in 2004 but in Burnley, asbestos awareness is still, after fifteen years, an issue. We still have buildings that contain asbestos within the building materials used to construct it or as part of the heating and plumbing insulation or exterior roofing and cladding. It seems that it’s been a very long time since we were first advised of the dangers of asbestos and its use forbidden for the construction or manufacture of products. However, we all need to be kept aware of the dangers of asbestos, how to recognise it and to never undertake the removal of it yourself.

Our company works to keep asbestos awareness in Burnley current. We feel the need to emphasise to all that asbestos has still not been eradicated. We’ve made great strides and removed tonnes of the stuff. We work to help maintain asbestos in social housing throughout the North. Our experience is vast. Through the years our understanding, safety equipment and management procedures have been continually upgraded and perfected. We are now a leading asbestos management and removal company in the area. Contact Fibre Safe for assistance with asbestos awareness in your workplace. We offer a 24-hour call out service for emergencies. Our multi-skilled team works to health and safety standards with experience in all sectors. Estimates are always free.

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